Information concerning Coronavirus

Dear Assessment Community, good afternoon

We hope this message finds you well and like to share with you our considerations about going forward with the EUROPEAN Test Security Conference.


We receive positive energy of our keynotes, speaker, sponsors and the assessment community to launch your and our conference. And we thank you for your great support.

The impact of Corona does not provide the necessary healthy ingredients to get together in AMERSFOORT, The Netherlands. For this reason we have drawn our conclusions.


This year’s EUROPEAN Test Security Conference does not take place on JUNE 4-5, 2020.

Moving forward after this summer is one of the options. We did our investigation and looked at September 2020. Taking into account that 60% of the programme is represented by international speaker we concluded that September comes to soon. We envision that that is going to be a time where organisations need their space and reassess the situation, reflect and heal their wounds. An alternative is looking at October, November and December. We realise that the fall is fully packed with international well respected events. And these events like COTS, AEA-EUROPE, IAEA, OEB (and so on) also deserve their attention and audience. To cut things short we are skipping 2020 and choose a fresh start in 2021.


The new launch of the conference is JUNE 3-4, 2021.

KEYNOTES: Wim van der Linden and Jochen den Ouden confirmed that they stay on as our key-notes.
SPONSORS: Our sponsors have confirmed that they remain our sponsors for the 2021 event.
VENUE: De Observant in AMERSFOORT is the place where we welcome you.



-Your speaker slot is reserved. You as speaker – and co-speakers – have first choice if you want to remain in the programme for 2021.

-In case you choose to stay on our programme we give you the opportunity to update your abstract in due course. Your will receive a signal from us in December 2020.

-In case the new dates – 3-4 JUNE, 2021 – do not match with your agenda you can suggest a replacement speaker (or co-speaker).

-You have the option the cancel and redraw yourself as speaker and co-speakers.
-REQUEST: you all have received an email from Renate van de Geest about this procedure. Reply to this email before APRIL 30, 2020 about your decision to attending as speaker.


-CALL FOR PAPERS: the 2nd edition for the call for paper runs from December 1-24, 2020. We do this in case speakers redraw and speaker slots become available.
-REGISTRATION: early bird is extended to DECEMBER 31, 2020.

Finally, our website is updated over the upcoming 2 weeks.

AMERSFOORT remains beautiful and we expect more 100% Dutch golden tulips by next year.

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