The Conference theme is: GOOD, FAIR TESTING

2021 is set to be a year of great denouement in Europe. Across the assessment community, politics, technology, and society are pushing the boundaries. Within certification programs the stakes are high. Credibility is at stake. That puts pressure on equal opportunities across candidates. Exam security is requesting our utmost attention.

Change is not coming; we are – in real time – part of it. We are invited to go on an expedition — and rediscover — adaptive ways to solve and lead the industry to compelling solutions. It’s our opportunity to making the world for test security smaller. It’s a ‘free’ ticket to go on an adventure, and whether we find it scary or exciting, we need to be ready to embrace it.

Join at this Conference as we learn together how to keep pace with the innovations emerging in the industry. We reground ourselves in the basics so that we can leverage both, together, to lead the transformation in test security.

Your ideas are needed, and we welcome you to bring your idea to the table.

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