All presenter will receive notice via email if your paper has been accepted.

Expenses and Fees

All session presenters are responsible for:

  1. conference registration fees,
  2. travel and hotel expenses.
  3. laptop + hdmi connector
  4. hand-outs [if needed]
  5. good energy

Please ensure that all speakers listed in your proposal have this information. They need to be available at the appropriate time during the event. Presentation times range from the morning of Thursday, June 3, through Friday, June 4, at 12:00 noon.

We invite you to follow the guidelines below to increase your acceptance. Magic is the best ingredient; thus your suggestions are welcome.

  • Abstract should speak to the conference theme of test security.
  • Abstracts should speak to the European context.
  • Lessons learned from other geographies are welcomed in the learning they offer to Europe.
  • Abstracts need to be framed and articulated for a European international audience.

Increase your acceptance:

  • Multiple speakers and co-presentations with clients or user organizations
  • International speaker combination
  • Different perspectives
  • Both sides for the story
  • More than just a slide deck…

Acceptance threshold

You are encouraged to submit as many sessions as you wish. The threshold of acceptance is set at:

  • A maximum of two sessions per company are permitted at the conference.
  • A maximum of two sessions per speaker are permitted at the conference.


All presenters are expected to register for the conference at the conference rate at time of registration, and to provide their own laptop for the presentation.

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